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Kagyu Teachers - Namse Rinpoche

Namse Rinpoche

Lama Namse was born in Kham, Eastern Tibet in 1930. At the age of fifteen he became a monk and started with intensive studies of the Buddhist teachings. At the age of twenty-two, Lama Namse did the traditional Kagyu three-year retreat.
After this he continued studying Buddhism and went on a pilgrimage to many sacred places and did further private retreats.
When he was thirty years old, Lama Namse left Tibet as a refugee.
He came to India, where he did another three-year retreat. At this time he also became retreat master for many new retreatants.


At the age of thirty-seven, he went to Sikkim, India, to the Dharmachakra Monastery and received the collections of the empowerments of the Kagyu Ngagzod and Damgang Ngagzod practices.
From 1974 to 1981, Lama Namse served as Vajra teacher all over Europe, especially in France. Since 1981, Rinpoche served as H.H. Karmapa┬┤s representative in Canada, and as Director of Karma Sonam Dargye Ling in Toronto.
Namse Rinpoche passed away in 2009.