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Project Description

Based on the current property here in Stechlin-Menz a Buddhist Institution in the form of a monastery-temple complex is planned. It is designed to provide access to the Buddhas Teachings in their entirety. The quiet and remote location is ideal for study, practice and meditation.

The site is also designed to be a place for dialogue and exchange of different religions and world views, thus contributing to a peaceful coexistence of all human beings. The spaciously planned complex allows for a variety of interreligious activities and events.

In April 2007 local authorities granted permission to build the project, which is officially named "Buddhistisches Studien- und Meditationszentrum Ludwigshorst" (engl.: "Buddhist Study- and Meditationcenter Ludwigshorst"). On the part of the responsible authorities nothing can get in the way of building the monastery-temple complex and its outbuildings.